4 Reasons to Join PABA

PABA is encouraging and inviting all businesses, non-profits and community organizations in the Payne and Arcade area to join as a member:

Play an Active Role in Your Business Community

East Side Pride is real – and grows stronger with everyone who gets involved! Connect with other business owners and community leaders, stay informed, make your voice heard, volunteer for a specific initiative, and become a part of actionable and positive change.

Reap the Benefits from Joint Marketing

Make sure your business is featured in our new business guide, website and social media stories. Realize added traffic from patrons and visitors frequenting other businesses in the area. Vice versa, help leverage the reputation of your business to elevate the appeal and visibility of the entire district and neighborhood.

Gain Access to Business Resources

Connect to people and resources you need to get your project done – experts, vendors, city officials, neighborhood development organizations, small business advisors, and other members’ personal connections. Take your business to the next level. Stay current – learn something new and invigorating.

Make a Difference for the Neighborhood

Engage in concrete and meaningful ways to give back to the community – and thereby further enhance the trust neighbors put into your business.

Our 2022 Imperatives


Networking Events

We are (co-)sponsoring a series of quarterly networking meetings, for business owners to meet and connect; share experiences and best practices; and learn about new business tools, methods, mentorships opportunities, and other resources. On May 14, PABA is participating at the 1st Annual AAPI Small Business Expo, hosted by the Minnesota Hmong Chamber of Commerce, and co-sponsored by the Eastside Neighborhood Development Company (ESNDC).


Joint District Marketing

We are raising awareness and perception of our district – and all it has to offer to the local community and the greater St. Paul area – through a fresh brand and logo; updated business guides; a new and up-to-date website; and a hipper and more consumer-centered social media presence. These shared messaging and marketing initiatives will highlight and directly benefit PABA members. They will also be a boon to the entire Payne/Arcade area.

Community + Cultural Festival

We are combining the essential elements of the traditional Harvest Festival and Parade with the best of the more recent Solidarity Street Gallery Art + Cultural Festival to sponsor and create a new and enduring signature event that has something to offer for everyone in the community – and invites all the businesses and non-profits to be involved and participate!


We are enhancing the visual appearance and appeal of our Payne + Arcade business district through signage and banners featuring the new logo; coordinated decorations for festivals and holidays; and a refresh of our “adopt-a-block” initiative, centered around regular clean-up days, and relying on individual businesses to reduce litter on their block.