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13 Dec 2021

Workgroup Opportunities
As the City of Saint Paul moves into the final phase of the Master Planning process, we are ramping up our community engagement efforts with four distinct workgroups: urban design, sustainability, outside spaces, and housing. These workgroups will bring community voices into our conversations about how to bring the final plan to life.
The process will start with urban design and sustainability, with both groups meeting independently between January 2022 and May 2022. With this in mind, we are actively recruiting community members to get involved. Applications are being accepted through December 15, 2021.
All committee members will be compensated for their time. A $50 Visa Gift Card will be given out after each meeting, either in person or by mail. An additional $25 gift card will be paid for work done outside of these meetings. All stipends are funded through a grant from the East Side Funders Group.
Urban Design
We need people who care about how their neighborhood looks and who will help us create a design that fits within the parameters of the Master Plan. Accordingly, this group will talk about building design, public art, open spaces, right of ways, trails, and the neighborhood node.
Urban Design Workgroup Job Description
Next is the Sustainability Workgroup. Ideal candidates will have experience in sustainability and/or environmental justice. Members will serve as advisors to provide a peer review of the project plan, advocate for sustainability measures, and provide guidance on funding opportunities.
Sustainability Workgroup Job Description