We came, We Heard - Public Safety Listening Session

29 Jun 2022

We need more of your stories, more of your ideas...

What concerns do you have about public safety, crime, and our community? 

What incidents have you had?

What have you tried that worked?

Send your response to us.

Here's some of what we heard: 

  • Catalytic converter theft is affecting our patients, staff, and company cars
  • ...when we finally call the police for help with a customer who is creating a disruption we sometimes have to wait a while, how do we keep a handle on that?...
  • we do deescalation training for all staff
  • we try to reach out and make a connection with youth hanging out in front
  • mental health and stress have really affected my staff
  • When I'm a shopper, it rattles me more these days when white shoppers ask me to find something for them or they give me unsolicted advice...
  • When something serious like a hostage taking happens down the block, it affects my staff longterm
  • Sometimes someone who is having a problem walks into my shop... I sometimes just move them on. Then they go into the next place even more agitated... 

It becomes clearer when we talk together about our concerns that issues in our neighborhood affect us all along the avenue. Here are some solutions we talked about too:

  • Can we get better at knowing how who to call to get people the help they need?
  • Can we talk about resources to support staff who need support in the wake of incidents - like a cooperative Employee Asistance Program?
  • You do deescalation training? Share that resource or trainer or what you learn...
  • How can your network of ESABA members help?

That's what we need to talk about next. But first we need to hear from more of you.